AUUG Winter 2002 - SSH Protocol, Tips and Tricks

In 2002 I was invited to give a tutorial at the Australian Unix Users Group's Winter conference introducing the SSH protocols, the OpenSSH implementation and demonstrating some of the its fundamental and more advanced uses. The slides and the tutorial notes are distributed here in a number of formats.

If you weren't at the tutorial, then these may not make as much sense as a fair bit of context was provided by the discussion. That being said, I am happy to incorporate feedback on these documents with the hope that they can answer some of the frequently asked questions that continally appear in my mailbox.

For the interested, the tutorial notes were written in LaTeX and the sides were prepared in MagicPoint.

The slides and tutorial notes are also available from the (much faster) OpenBSD papers collection.

The slides are available in the following formats:

The tutorial notes document is available in the following formats: